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Video Tutorial: Connecting Animoog to Model 15

Great news! Italian sound designer Tiziano Gileno Fasano, aka Subconscience, recorded a video tutorial just for us, showing how to connect Animoog to Model 15 with Audiobus, a process which further opens the door to endless possibilities!

Here’s the short video which shows every step and ends with a quick demonstration of how Animoog presets can be morphed from within the Model 15 app itself:


Thanks Tiziano! Now we know how to easily mix my two favorite musical instruments, Animoog and Model 15! Subconscience also provided 25 excellent free Animoog presets, you’ll find them here in our recent update to the table of expansion packs.

While we’re at it, here’s two videos he made with Animoog, enjoy! — Alex / Satri



Animoog and iOS 9: Works fine but warnings & Animoog Fan Art

Today Apple released iOS 9. Many music apps which haven’t been recently updated break with such major iOS revisions. I’m glad to inform you that according to early reports from players, the latest Animoog version works fine with iOS 9. A Moog developer also indicated today that a minor update will be submitted this week in order to support the latest Audiobus SDK. Yes, that means Audiobus doesn’t currently work properly with iOS 9 and the update has been submitted to Apple. Be aware that this might be true for other music apps, they may not work as expected until their developers take care of compatibilities issues. For Animoog itself, we’re apparently on the safe side with iOS 9 and Moog developers are ensuring that if bugs are found, they’ll quickly be addressed.

On an unrelated topic, yesterday I invited you, Animoog enthusiasts and users of this site, to contribute Animoog fan art. I was pleasantly surprised to receive submissions in such a short time! Thanks!

Here’s this one from Heide Hoffmann:


And this one from Andre Wild:


Big thanks to Heide and Andre! I’ll copy all Animoog Fan Art contributions to a page of its own. Cheers! — Alex / Satri

Animoog version 2.2.8 and Animoog for iPhone 1.1.10 Released

These Animoog news cover versions 2.2.6 and 2.2.8 and Animoog for iPhone 1.1.10, both supporting the new Audiobus Remote app.

Animoog version 2.2.8 has been released yesterday and here’s the official release notes:

  • Added support for AudioBus Remote with triggers for Recorder, Preset Navigation, Scale Lock, Hold and Orbit Time Change
  • Added support for mixing down to AudioCopy and AudioShare in the 4-track recorder
  • Stability improvements

As an happy Animoog beta tester, I can confirm there’s useful fixes in the ‘stability improvements’ category. The big addition here is Audiobus Remote support. Audiobus itself is a popular app to route audio from one app to other apps, making it easy to add filters and effects, adding tracks from other apps, and more, all this in real-time. As an example, you can run drums from the Sector app and play Animoog live while recording both in a third app. With version 2.2.8 released yesterday, Animoog can now be controlled on another iOS device with Audiobus Remote. Moog developer Geert Bevin shared the following screenshot of Animoog and Filtatron in Audiobus Remote.


Animoog version 2.2.6 was released on June 29th, 2015, while I was on holidays and away from computers (but with my dear Animoog alongside), and its official release notes are:

  • Stability improvements for a very rare crash at launch
  • Stability improvements in situations where the audio engine is reset by iOS itself
  • Improvements to restore purchase functionality

That’s correct, Animoog version 2.2.7 never made it to the public.

Updates to Animoog for iPhone were also released, with version 1.1.7 released on June 15, then v1.1.8 on June 17, followed by v1.1.9 on June 27. And now, lucky us, we’re at version 1.1.10 released on July 30.

Moog developers taking care of Animoog since last Spring continue to be closer than ever to its users and the iOS musicians community, and that’s great news for the future of Animoog!

Animoog 2.2.3 Released

See, we’re really getting frequent Animoog updates now. Isn’t that great! Version 2.2.3 released today is mainly targeting bugs, and once the main ones will be squashed, we can hope for interesting new features to be implemented (yes, I’m a natural optimist ;-)).

Meanwhile, the official version 2.2.3 release notes:

  • General MIDI Out fixes
  • IAA Midi and CoreMidi now simultaneously trigger events
  • Audiobus support improvements


Animoog for iPhone 1.1.2 Released

This is major news, mainly because it confirms that Moog has not abandoned Animoog. Animoog for iPhone’s previous update showed up 2012. Here’s what’s new in version 1.1.2 of Animoog for iPhone, officially released on August 29th, 2014:

  • Full iOS 7 compatibility
  • Support for iPhone 5 and all prior screen sizes
  • Inter-App Audio Support
  • Audiobus 2 Support
  • AudioCopy 2 Support

Audiobus and Inter-App Audio (IAA) support are significant new features, meaning Animoog for iPhone can now properly be integrated with other music apps on the iPhone. IAA is Apple’s built-in solution for iOS 7 and later for audio apps to talk together and share (and real-time modification) audio tracks. Both Audiobus and IAA are widely supported by other iOS audio apps.

What’s also great is that Moog itself provided feedback in their forum, acknowledging some issues with the just released new features and pointing to another upcoming update that should soon see the light. Moog cares, and that matters.

An update for Animoog for the iPad has not hit the App Store yet, but now we can expect it any day or week. Let’s rejoice! And yes, I’ll have to update the wish list for Animoog accordingly.