Animoog 2.4.5 & Animoog for iPhone 1.3.1 Released with Audiobus 3 Support

Good news, the first Animoog update since last October. Happy to see Moog is keeping our beloved app up to date :-)

What’s new according to the release notes:

  • Integrated Audiobus 3 with full support for MIDI routing
  • Improvements to pressure modulation behavior when playing over MIDI
  • Updated AudioCopy SDK to v3.4
  • Improvements to mod and pitch wheel rendering
  • Fixed media import for clips in the 4-track on iOS 10
  • Improved background audio compatibility with other apps

Animoog for iPhone gains one more feature:

  • Animoog for iPhone keyboard now sends polypressure when the MIDI Expansion Pack is purchased

The update has certainly been triggered by today’s release of Audiobus 3, which Animoog’s new version supports.  Audiobus has been an essential app for mobile musicians needing to send audio signal from one app to the other. Audiobus 3 now supports inter-app MIDI routing as well.  Here’s the video that presents Audiobus 3 capabilities, and yes, this overview showcases Animoog!

Thanks Moog for the Animoog updates and let’s hope there’s more for Animoog to come from Moog developers! Enjoy the new version — Alex / Satri

3 thoughts on “Animoog 2.4.5 & Animoog for iPhone 1.3.1 Released with Audiobus 3 Support

  1. I’m suprised there is no Ableton Link support as of yet m. Still would love to see this implemented. Great update nonetheless

      1. Seems to be some kind of hang up considering the new software supporting it. I hope the wizards at Moog can work their magic for this one.

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