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Satri from at Moogfest 2016

I’m happy to inform you that I’ll be attending Moogfest 2016 next month, to be held in Durham, North Carolina, May 19-22th.

On Wikipedia, Moogfest is described like this:

Moogfest is an annual, multi-day music, art and technology festival. […] The performing artists are not only those who use Moog instruments for their own works, but also those who create musical experiences that embody the essence of Bob Moog’s visionary and creative spirit. The festival also offers interactive experiences, visual art exhibitions, installations, film screenings, panel discussions, question and answer sessions, and workshops.

I’m excited! Here’s a list of some of the participants, to give you an idea of who’s showing up (click the image for a larger version).


The detailed 4-days program has been announced yesterday  and is accessible to everyone.

I’ll be glad to meet Animoog players there, if interested to have a chat at Moogfest, drop me a line in the comments below, I’ll reply privately

It’s my first time attending this event. I’ll probably share on my Moogfest 2016 experience, especially if there’s anything that can be of interest to Animoog players. I haven’t been able to publish as much as I wanted to lately, but more is coming and I hope your patience will be rewarded! :-) Cheers — Alex / Satri

Calling for Animoog Fan Art

I was playing Blokus with my daughters, well not really playing since they’re too young to understand the rules so we’re making colorful shapes instead. I ended up doing this:


Granted, that’s not exactly ‘art’ and I was fairly limited by the pieces of the game, but it gave me the idea of collecting Animoog fan art! So there you go, if you made anything that could qualify as ‘Animoog fan art’, I’ll give it a home here on Contact me by leaving a comment below. Cheers and have fun! — Alex / Satri

Genuine love naturally shows up

Genuine love naturally shows up


Are we ready to launch? No. But this has to happen at some point in time, and this is now.

There are hundreds and hundreds of Animoog presets and timbres. There are also plenty of expansion packs, some of them are not available for purchase from within the app and are very difficult to find if no one tells you about them. The intention behind is to help Animoog users and fans to find information about presets, expansion packs and everything Animoog. The database and site is mostly empty at the moment. Content sections will be improved and launched in the coming weeks / months as time permits — and with some of your help, we’ll make it useful much quicker.

The objective is to use crowdsourcing to gather information about Animoog’s content. Just like anyone can improve Wikipedia, anyone is welcomed to contribute to The more users contribute, the better the content will become. Specifically, documentation of Animoog presets and expansion packs, to start with, is stored in openly-licensed Database — meaning the content will forever legally remain available to everyone at no cost.

And there’s more! You’ll find the Animoog Users Map, mainly for fun and to feel part of the community, you’ll find Animoog users and players in your area, Moog shops and events, etc. Add yourself to the map with a few clicks! On this site, you’ll also find what can be expected, such as tips, a blog, pertinent links, and even a wish list for Animoog. You can also stay in touch with via Twitter and Facebook.

So, this is just the beginning. Ideas and suggestions are always welcomed. If you’d like to contribute to this Animoog community, drop me a line, the content will improve much faster with contributions from fellow Animoog enthusiasts :-)

Genuine love naturally shows up