While you can fairly quickly have lots of fun with Animoog, there’s a lot to learn to improve your play and the presets. Here’s some notes.

  1. Have fun exploring Animoog
  2. Play with the controls and try to find out what they do
  3. Wanna get to the next level? Read the manual. Yeah, rare are the ones who like that, but there’s a lot of controls I could not fully understand until I read the manual

Things you can try:

  • Changing the scale/keyboard (??) change everything
  • Change the gliding (??) control bottom-right of the keys
  • Move the x/y pad’s origin. Not all sounds are affected, but for those that are, you can get interesting sound evolutions that way

MIDI vs Animoog’s keys

  • While Animoog supports midi inputs, you will lose two precious Animoog features doing so:
    • you’ll lose individual notes modulation. You control the modulation from your MIDI keyboard, but it will affect all notes at once, not single notes like on the Animoog keys
    • slides. Animoog allows you to make great sliding effects (even sliding and changing modulation at the same time). you can’t do that on a non-touch input device
  • I haven’t tried it before, but it may be interesting to play Animoog with both a MIDI keyboard plugged in and the Animoog keyboard for slides and modulations. Anyone has tried this?

4 thoughts on “Playing

  1. Hello

    I just got Animoog recently. WOW amazing! I have never actually set up my iOS devices to my midi controllers. Which do people recommend? I’m not so worried about getting midi out of my ipad and iphone but getting away from paging through the screens and such.


    1. Hi Stefan! Happy to hear your enthusiasm! I haven’t updated this page in a long while. I tried playing Animoog with a classic piano MIDI controller, I like it a lot, so much that my next album to be released within a few weeks is actually made with such a MIDI controller! What I like about it is the control I have over notes timing, which is harder for me on the iPad (smaller and sometimes moves). As for other MIDI controllers, take at look at .. there’s also the Expressive MIDI standard coming (discussed in another blog entry on this very site). Enjoy Stefan! — Alex / Satri

  2. Moog has deleted the manual from their website. I mean, it’s not like they charge money for this stuff or anything.

    Is it possible to change which notes are available on the keyboard (or moogboord or whatever you call it) for a given patch? Music application GUIs are hilariously awful with very few exceptions, and this is not one of the exceptions.

    1. Hi Bill,

      Yes you can, hit the ‘KB SCALE’ tab, that’s where you select which notes are available, and more! Cheers — Alex / Satri

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