Timbres are the main ingredients of Presets. Timbres come either with Animoog or from Expansion Packs.

Adventure Kid timbres


Download Adventure Kid’s 4,300 free timbres available under a Creative Commons license. Hosted here thanks to Chrisco, and of course, Adventure Kid himself.

Their description: “Adventure Kid’s single cycle waveforms converted for use in Animoog. The process for conversion was convert samples to mono, stretch wav from 600 samples to 1024 samples then loop 16 times. […] I find the differences between timbres in this pack is often very subtle. To best hear them, I suggest turning off all effects (overdrive, delay, chorus) and opening the filter all the way. […] A useful guide if you are looking to find a particular sound or harmonic content.”

And about the concatenated version containing 294 timbres: “For those who don’t want to look through 4300 timbres, I concatenated Adventure Kid’s single cycles instead of looping them so each timbre now contains 16 unique waveforms which can be moved through in the X domain. This gives a lot more variation when using paths and orbits. The waveforms were concatenated in the order that they were organized originally.”

Timbres table

Eventually, there will be a list of Animoog timbres here.. we’re just not there yet.

3 thoughts on “Timbres

  1. Could the Adventure Kid provide a list of detailed instructions for prepping a sound for Animoog? I would love to sample my Jupiter 8 and ARP synths to use.

    1. Hi Adam! My advice would be to contact Adventure Kid directly. The link to his website is included above. Good luck Adam! — Alex

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