50% Discount on Animoog & Model 15

If you’re reading this website, chances are you already own and play Animoog. But do your musician friends do as well? That’s the opportunity for everyone to get Animoog, both the iPad and the iPhone versions, as well as Moog Music’s Model 15 app, at a 50% discount. I suspect this sale will last until next Monday or so, enjoy it while it lasts.

Share the good news with your friends! And maybe it’s time for you to discover and explore new sounds with Animoog? If that’s the case then head to the table of Animoog presets which lists over 2,500 presets. I have tons of incomplete Animoog-related posts to share with you and hopefully I’ll find the time to complete them in the coming weeks. One thing I can tell you though: the next version of the table of Animoog presets will add 4 packs of Animoog presets! Yes, this means new presets for all of us to enjoy! Thank you for your patience :-) — Alex / Satri

2 thoughts on “50% Discount on Animoog & Model 15

  1. Model 15 seems a highly interstings app !
    I’m a music educator, composer and performer and I’m doing great things yet with Animoog, specially with children ….
    It’s a pity that Model 15 isn’t compatible with ipad 1 and ipad 2 !!!!
    We work for years with 13 of these ipads for our workshops.
    Impossible to put Model 15 on our ipads ?????
    Impossible even to put Model 15 on my iPhone 5C ????
    Is Moog Music beginning to act as a lot of app designers do ? Designing apps only for those who have recent ipads and iphones , neglecting ancient ios and ancient devices ?
    Is Moog Music ok with Apple obsolescence planning ?
    Seems opposite to Moog philosophy, no?

    1. Bonjour Bruno,

      While I’m in no way related to Moog other than being a external beta tester, I think the reason for Model 15 not being available on older machines is simply because it -really- needs the processing power of an iPad Air or more recent to run.

      That’s pretty unfortunate, me too I’d like this marvelous synth, especially Model 15 for education purposes, to be available to as many enthusiasts as possible. From what I know from Moog, I suspect they’d also like their apps to reach more people, but it’s most probably the hardware which is the limiting factor here. That said, it’s not that bad considering the iPad Air has been around since October 2013, over 3 years ago (I’m still using an iPad Air myself with the Moog apps).

      Hope you’ll find a solution, as an educator, you’ll probably love Model 15! :-) Au plaisir Bruno — Alex / Satri

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