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50% Discount on Animoog & Model 15

If you’re reading this website, chances are you already own and play Animoog. But do your musician friends do as well? That’s the opportunity for everyone to get Animoog, both the iPad and the iPhone versions, as well as Moog Music’s Model 15 app, at a 50% discount. I suspect this sale will last until next Monday or so, enjoy it while it lasts.

Share the good news with your friends! And maybe it’s time for you to discover and explore new sounds with Animoog? If that’s the case then head to the table of Animoog presets which lists over 2,500 presets. I have tons of incomplete Animoog-related posts to share with you and hopefully I’ll find the time to complete them in the coming weeks. One thing I can tell you though: the next version of the table of Animoog presets will add 4 packs of Animoog presets! Yes, this means new presets for all of us to enjoy! Thank you for your patience :-) — Alex / Satri

Animoog Book Quote, Discount, and Article on Create Digital Music

Lots more than I expected has happened over the weekend! A book on iOS music which mentions Animoog, Animoog currently discounted to half its regular price, and an Animoog article on the ‘Create Digital Music’ website featuring my ‘Unanimoog’ album.

Animoog discounted to $14,99 / $1,99

If Animoog discounts matter to you, follow our Animoog version 2.2.4 released this week, there’s no better time to acquire Animoog if you don’t have it already.

Animoog on ‘Create Digital Music’

Second time I get honored this month, in an interesting article named ‘Unanimoog’ Animoog improvisations album. 2,000 people heard my album in the 3 days following this publication, thanks ‘Create Digital Music’ for highlighting Animoog capabilities!

The article includes a great quote for those who might be ambiguous because of Animoog’s price tag:

« And yes, I’d rather pay thirty bucks for that once than 3 bucks a hundred times for stuff I won’t use »

There you go, Animoog doing Indian music!

Making Experimental Music on iPads

Clif Johnston, the president of the Apptronica music label which published my Unanimoog  Animoog solos album, just published a book on making experimental music on iPads. The digital book is available for all major platforms and is already a popular hit being at top of charts for several countries. It’s full name and link to get it for only $3 is Drone, Glitch and Noise: Making Experimental Music on iPads and iPhones” by Clif Johnston.

The book mentions Animoog in a section specific to iOS instrument interfaces:

« In my opinion, Animoog offers one of the best keyboard- like interfaces with full custom scale support. Animoog sounds great itself, but it can also send MIDI to control other apps in the background. You can save custom keyboard configurations with each preset, or lock the current scale in place so you can change presets while keeping the current configuration »

Enjoy life — Alex / Satri for Animoog.org

Major Animoog Discount: $4,99 / $1,99

If you’re reading this site, you most probably already own and love the Animoog app. However, you may have friends and relatives that may benefit from discovering how wonderful the Animoog app is!

Certainly only for a limited time, Animoog is significantly discounted:

Such discounts also took place last year and lasted a few days. Great if that’s an excuse for buying it! Enjoy!