Animoog 2.2.4 Released – Major bugfix update

We told you it was coming and now the wait is over! And don’t let you mislead by the it’s name, version 2.2.4 is a major Animoog update considering it brings lots of significant fixes, including stable support for iOS 8. Version 2.2.3 came out in October 2014, over 6 months ago. And now that Moog is putting more love to Animoog development, I expect we’ll have good news from Moog more frequently.

So here’s the official changelog:

  • Stable support for iOS 8
  • Stable support for 64-bit devices
  • Revised timbres panel with categories (touch-hold timbre in category for preview)
  • Fixes for timbres showing up with domain name prefixes
  • Audiobus input slot compatibility fixes
  • Virtual Animoog MIDI ports are now always available even if no port is explicitly selected
  • Improved IAA instrument compatibility (IAA transport panel will be done for a future release)
  • Use with any buffer size from 128 to 4096 (256 being the intended size for all supported devices)
  • Fixes for restore purchase functionality
  • Improved in-app store layout and interaction
  • iTunes File Sharing access to timbres, presets and projects
  • Removed import/export preset from setup panel since iTunes File Sharing should cover all needs
  • Added timbre category list under ‘random preset’ to enable/disable categories to randomize timbres from
  • 4-track recorder fixes for loading clips, pasting clips and AudioPaste
  • 4-track project fixes for save/load/delete/share
  • 4-track now remains unlocked when not connected to network
  • Pitch bend range is now always saved with presets and correctly loads from presets when this option is active
  • Pitch and mod strips now light up with incoming MIDI
  • Hold button now more clearly shows when it’s active
  • Manual MIDI CC input now ensures only numbers can be entered
  • Keyboard scale selection now doesn’t misbehave after selecting the whole tone scale
  • Preset panel is laid out more consistently
  • Resuming after interruptions from Siri now reactivates audio
  • Proper handling of large amounts of MIDI expression data, coming from alternative controllers
  • Updated built-in manual

Enjoy! And if you find bugs, Moog, more than ever before, provide feedbacks to its users in order to fix those, so let them know about the remaining bugs! — Alex / Satri

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