Animoog Development News from Moog

Some news from Moog Music regarding our dear Animoog app.

The last update we got was version 2.2.3 in October 2014. In February I shared some good news from Moog about beta testing a new version which is 64bits and fixes issues with Audiobus, those news were shared from’s Twitter account.

Today we got some fresh news over the ‘iPad Musician’ Facebook group, thanks to Brian Brylow. Here’s most of what’s exciting: “[… ]provided to me by one of the executives at Moog. […] Here is the text that they are comfortable publicly sharing:”

“Moog has recently expanded their software team and are actively engaged in supporting and updating both the Filtatron and Animoog applications to address known bugs and to implement product improvements and new features. We will also be implementing a more streamlined way for users to give feedback and bug issues in the near future that will enable us to support the community much more effectively. All of us at Moog really appreciate your patience and continued support of these products.

You should be seeing a number of updates in the near future for both products.”

You can expect we’ll publish news on as soon as new Animoog versions become available. The wait should be over soon and according to Moog, we’ll have new means to provide feedback regarding its development. Great news overall! — Alex / Satri

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