•welcome to my music • 

the sky cleared early, Beau temps showed up in 2002

much later I came to know Animoog, a musical instrument played on the iPad

for 2014 I improvised Animoog solos, leading to Unanimoog, escape inside the music

then I interfaced my old Roland keyboard with Animoog and improvised some more

Pianimoog •• discoverY came to being in 2016

at the same time I was beta testing a new app for Moog, and Model 15 saw the light

I’m keeping on exploring with the hope to release new solos in 2017 :-)

hope you enjoy my albums, if you like my solos, try it yourself with Animoog

  • is where you'll find all my free albums
    My second album 'Unanimoog' is also available at a multitude of locations, such as iTunes, Google Play, Spotify, Deezer and literally hundreds more. I hope to soon be able to upload my other albums to these services

Some of my tracks are also showcased in various excellent collective albums, here they are, from more recent to oldest:

Lift music for hippies:

The Spirit of Samhain:

The Best of Apptronica 2014:

Incomplete list… more to be added! :-)

My tracks have been played a few times on the Modul303 German radio station and an archives of the shows is available on Mixcloud. Some other of my tracks are found on And here’s my outdated biography.

May you be well — Alex / Satri

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    1. Hi Tiziano, I took me too long to reply here, but meanwhile we had several off-site discussions and I’m glad I’ll be adding your Animoog presets to the list of third-party presets pretty soon! Cheers — Alex / Satri

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