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New Free Theremini Presets, from Steffen Presley

I’m happy to inform you that new free presets for the Moog Theremini are available, thanks to today’s contributions from Steffen Presley. of course focuses on Animoog, but aren’t there always exceptions? ;-) This page will tell you where to find, download, install and play with over 100 free Theremini presets. In the latest version of this page, I added the free Theremini presets from Steffen Presley, thanks Steffen!

“Of these, two or three are variations of presets from the Moog Theremini app library. The rest are from scratch”

Here’s the list of the new Theremini presets:


You can download Steffen presets here (right-click link to save as file), or head to the Theremini page on Steffen released an album last year, named Pluto Head, in which you’ll hear Animoog and the Theremini amongst other instruments. Furthermore, ““Attic Toy” (#10) is a rather sparse experimental duet using only Animoog and the Theremini.” Excellent instrumental album by the way.


Hope you’ll enjoy the new free Theremini presets. I’m finally readying an update to the Animoog presets table, expect an announcement within about a week? Cheers — Alex / Satri

Theremini page and user-contributed presets

This site’s scope is Animoog but this entry is about short page with some documentation and links about it.

What’s also newsworthy is the addition of 65 Theremini presets graciously provided by Synthguy and made available on that page. Thanks to the official Theremini Advanced Software Editor app, we can expect the community of Theremini players to create numerous interesting Theremini presets.

Equally exciting news for all Theremini enthusiasts is the upcoming firmware update that bring many improvements and new features to the instrument.

Enjoy the holiday break and more Animoog-related news in the coming weeks! — Satri :-)

Moog Announces Animoog-based Theremin – The Theremini


Major news! Moog announced today the Theremini, which is essentially a modern Theremin leveraging the Animoog sound engine.

From the official announcement:

“It is the only known instrument that you play without touching. Moving your hands in the space around its antennas controls pitch and volume. The Theremini combines a powerful sound engine derived from Moog’s award winning synthesizer, Animoog, with the traditional no-touch playing of a Theremin.”

The Theremini brings lots of versatility compared to the original Theremin. The features that excites me:

  • 32 built-in presets, and certainly more to come eventually — meaning you can out of the box play with various rich sounds, thanks to the Animoog engine
  • Pitch correction with selectable scales and root note — suddenly making the Theremini easy to play by preventing us to play any wrong note
  • Adjustable stereo ping-pong delay
  • and lots more…

The full list of features is available on the Moog website. Want to look and hear what is sounds like? Here’s Moog video included in the announcement:

While I want to focus the website on Animoog itself, don’t be surprised if I share with you Theremini news from time to time, hey, the Theremini is really based on the Animoog engine. And my wife is open to the idea of buying one… :-)