Animoog 2.3.3 and Animoog for iPhone 1.2.3 Released

The good news about the latest Animoog releases, version 2.3.3 and version 1.2.3 for iPhone, is that they are the result of feedback from members of the community of Animoog players: Moog Music is listening and they’re serious about improving Animoog. I’m happy Moog takes Animoog seriously since I’m seriously counting on Animoog to have fun playing freetronica tracks! ;-)

These fixes are directly related to the following issues and requests mentioned by Animoog players on the official Moog Music forums: here and here as examples.

What’s new with this version:

  • Fixed regression where the delay rate knob position wasn’t properly being interpolated anymore
  • Added support for MIDI program change, mapped to the presets in the currently active category in the order they’re displayed
  • Improvements to Audiobus integration stability
  • Fixed occasional glitches at the end of making a recording

I updated the Animoog Wikipedia page accordingly. Stay tuned, more exciting Animoog news in the coming weeks, cheers! — Alex / Satri

4 thoughts on “Animoog 2.3.3 and Animoog for iPhone 1.2.3 Released

  1. Is there any thought to support scala files for alternate tunings? Or perhaps .tun format? (scala is prefered) – I love animoog and microtonal tunings – anything that brings them together better is a wonderful thing.

        1. Thanks a lot for the precision Chris. I just learned something new :-) Sorry I can’t help you further at this point. Maybe if you ask Moog directly, they’ll show interest? Cheers — Alex / Satri

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