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New Expansion Packs Table version 1.3, including new ‘Vector Universe’ Presets

Here’s a present for the end of the year! A major update to’s list of expansion packs. This is the location where you’ll find presets and timbres that don’t show up in Animoog’s in-app store. As usual, you’ll find a web version with the invaluable links, as well as png and pdf versions.

The shiny new stuff in version 1.3:

  • Finally the appropriate presets and timbres count for Animoog’s bundled content. The table itself don’t list individual timbres categories, you’ll find them in David’ comments. Immense thanks to you David, everybody will benefit from your contributions!
  • A new expansion pack available, and it’s a good one, rejoice! Nikita Klimenko and I got in touch two months ago regarding Nikita’s ‘Vector Universe’ presets for Animoog, which bring a selection of 115 excellent new presets. They’re available for 5$
  • I improved and added some links in the description of presets, for those wanting to know more about their origin, as well as minor enhancements to the table

My honest opinion after quite a view jam sessions with the Vector Universe presets, I consider them of high interest. Of course that’s a pretty personal statement since your tastes and use cases might differ, but if you like Daemian and Alba Ecstasy presets, chances are you’ll like Nikita’s ‘Vector Universe’ presets you too.

Nikita’s was very nice to provide the presets for free to the ones amongst you following on Twitter. Thanks Nikita.

Animoog enthusiasts can now benefit from a total of 1,896 presets and almost 5,000 timbres. Thanks to the sound designers sharing their work. Year 2015 ends with happy news for all of us Animoog players. 2016 promises to be as exciting! ;-) Cheers — Alex / Satri

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    1. Hi Roberto, see at the bottom of the ‘Expansion Packs’ page, I enumerate the known possibilities. Cheers — Alex / Satri

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