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Moog Announces Animoog-based Theremin – The Theremini


Major news! Moog announced today the Theremini, which is essentially a modern Theremin leveraging the Animoog sound engine.

From the official announcement:

“It is the only known instrument that you play without touching. Moving your hands in the space around its antennas controls pitch and volume. The Theremini combines a powerful sound engine derived from Moog’s award winning synthesizer, Animoog, with the traditional no-touch playing of a Theremin.”

The Theremini brings lots of versatility compared to the original Theremin. The features that excites me:

  • 32 built-in presets, and certainly more to come eventually — meaning you can out of the box play with various rich sounds, thanks to the Animoog engine
  • Pitch correction with selectable scales and root note — suddenly making the Theremini easy to play by preventing us to play any wrong note
  • Adjustable stereo ping-pong delay
  • and lots more…

The full list of features is available on the Moog website. Want to look and hear what is sounds like? Here’s Moog video included in the announcement:

While I want to focus the Animoog.org website on Animoog itself, don’t be surprised if I share with you Theremini news from time to time, hey, the Theremini is really based on the Animoog engine. And my wife is open to the idea of buying one… :-)