Animoog 2.2.2 Released

Isn’t that nice? After a long break of over a year without any news, we now get Animoog updates regularly! Hope the trend will keep up! Version 2.2.1 came only about three weeks ago. And the iPhone version a few days ago.

For the Animoog update released earlier today, version 2.2.2, the official release notes are:

Bug Fixes:

  • File not Found message and app stuck when AudioCopy from 4 Track
  • Animoog Midi In appears as an option for Midi Out
  • MIDI IN state always appears as OFF
  • Canceling Restore Purchases, app will ignore Cancel user’s request
  • Choosing Delete causes crash, when no saved project on the list
  • Saving project while in record mode, app crashes
  • Choosing AudioPaste option while in record mode, cause crash

Unsurprisingly, Animoog users  over the official Moog forums have apparently found features not working as expected. Hopefully, these issues will be addressed in a future version. I’m happy, Animoog gets developer love, which means we get a better Animoog with every update :-)

2 thoughts on “Animoog 2.2.2 Released

  1. Hi. Since more than five days my Animoog will not open when I press the button it says
    wait…… and nothing happens. How can I open the Animoog on Ipad without losing my personal sounds? I am composer and performer a lot of my work is made for Animoog.
    Can´t wait for your advise to help me solve this problem. Thank´s.

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