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Animoog version 2.2.8 and Animoog for iPhone 1.1.10 Released

These Animoog news cover versions 2.2.6 and 2.2.8 and Animoog for iPhone 1.1.10, both supporting the new Audiobus Remote app.

Animoog version 2.2.8 has been released yesterday and here’s the official release notes:

  • Added support for AudioBus Remote with triggers for Recorder, Preset Navigation, Scale Lock, Hold and Orbit Time Change
  • Added support for mixing down to AudioCopy and AudioShare in the 4-track recorder
  • Stability improvements

As an happy Animoog beta tester, I can confirm there’s useful fixes in the ‘stability improvements’ category. The big addition here is Audiobus Remote support. Audiobus itself is a popular app to route audio from one app to other apps, making it easy to add filters and effects, adding tracks from other apps, and more, all this in real-time. As an example, you can run drums from the Sector app and play Animoog live while recording both in a third app. With version 2.2.8 released yesterday, Animoog can now be controlled on another iOS device with Audiobus Remote. Moog developer Geert Bevin shared the following screenshot of Animoog and Filtatron in Audiobus Remote.


Animoog version 2.2.6 was released on June 29th, 2015, while I was on holidays and away from computers (but with my dear Animoog alongside), and its official release notes are:

  • Stability improvements for a very rare crash at launch
  • Stability improvements in situations where the audio engine is reset by iOS itself
  • Improvements to restore purchase functionality

That’s correct, Animoog version 2.2.7 never made it to the public.

Updates to Animoog for iPhone were also released, with version 1.1.7 released on June 15, then v1.1.8 on June 17, followed by v1.1.9 on June 27. And now, lucky us, we’re at version 1.1.10 released on July 30.

Moog developers taking care of Animoog since last Spring continue to be closer than ever to its users and the iOS musicians community, and that’s great news for the future of Animoog!

Animoog 2.2.3 Released

See, we’re really getting frequent Animoog updates now. Isn’t that great! Version 2.2.3 released today is mainly targeting bugs, and once the main ones will be squashed, we can hope for interesting new features to be implemented (yes, I’m a natural optimist ;-)).

Meanwhile, the official version 2.2.3 release notes:

  • General MIDI Out fixes
  • IAA Midi and CoreMidi now simultaneously trigger events
  • Audiobus support improvements


Animoog 2.2.2 Released

Isn’t that nice? After a long break of over a year without any news, we now get Animoog updates regularly! Hope the trend will keep up! Version 2.2.1 came only about three weeks ago. And the iPhone version a few days ago.

For the Animoog update released earlier today, version 2.2.2, the official release notes are:

Bug Fixes:

  • File not Found message and app stuck when AudioCopy from 4 Track
  • Animoog Midi In appears as an option for Midi Out
  • MIDI IN state always appears as OFF
  • Canceling Restore Purchases, app will ignore Cancel user’s request
  • Choosing Delete causes crash, when no saved project on the list
  • Saving project while in record mode, app crashes
  • Choosing AudioPaste option while in record mode, cause crash

Unsurprisingly, Animoog users  over the official Moog forums have apparently found features not working as expected. Hopefully, these issues will be addressed in a future version. I’m happy, Animoog gets developer love, which means we get a better Animoog with every update :-)