The list of available presets, especially the ones you won’t find in the official Animoog store, is found here in the list of Expansion Packs table.


Presets comes either with Animoog or from Expansion Packs.

Structure of the ‘Preset’ table:

[abase sql=”DESCRIBE preset”]

Content of the ‘Preset’ table:

[abase table=”preset”]

Users with accounts can edit this table on this very site here. Request an account. Download the whole open Animoog database.

2 thoughts on “Presets

    1. Hi Edy — the current ‘Presets’ page is essentially empty at this point, I think I’ll disable it until real content is provided.

      We used to be able to move Animoog presets using iFunBox and similar tools, however, starting with iOS 8.3, it’s not possible to move or rename presets with Animoog 2.2.3 anymore. Moog announced new capabilities for moving presets in and out of Animoog but those versions have not made it to the public yet. Stay tuned for upcoming Animoog releases! (2.2.4 should find our way this very week – I’m not certain it will provide exactly what you’re looking for, but it can’t hurt!)

      Cheers — Alex / Satri

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