Animoog and iOS 9: Works fine but warnings & Animoog Fan Art

Today Apple released iOS 9. Many music apps which haven’t been recently updated break with such major iOS revisions. I’m glad to inform you that according to early reports from players, the latest Animoog version works fine with iOS 9. A Moog developer also indicated today that a minor update will be submitted this week in order to support the latest Audiobus SDK. Yes, that means Audiobus doesn’t currently work properly with iOS 9 and the update has been submitted to Apple. Be aware that this might be true for other music apps, they may not work as expected until their developers take care of compatibilities issues. For Animoog itself, we’re apparently on the safe side with iOS 9 and Moog developers are ensuring that if bugs are found, they’ll quickly be addressed.

On an unrelated topic, yesterday I invited you, Animoog enthusiasts and users of this site, to contribute Animoog fan art. I was pleasantly surprised to receive submissions in such a short time! Thanks!

Here’s this one from Heide Hoffmann:


And this one from Andre Wild:


Big thanks to Heide and Andre! I’ll copy all Animoog Fan Art contributions to a page of its own. Cheers! — Alex / Satri

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