Announcing the iOS Music World Map

Mobile devices is bringing a revolution to music creation, and this revolution is worldwide!

You’re correct, this initiative is not specifically associated to Animoog but it’s very similar to the crowdsourced Map of Animoog Players, for which you are all invited to add yourselves. I updated its instructions some time after launch and it’s now much easier to follow the steps to put yourself on the map.

The iOS Music World Map is an attempt from the members of the Apptronica label, myself included, to build an open and crowdsourced map of iOS music stakeholders. The intent is essentially to map iOS music app developers along with iOS music hardware manufacturers.

All the details and the map itself are available over the collaborative Github site.

Right, the map doesn’t show much at the moment, any crowdsource effort has to start at some point, and this is now. And you can help by contributing to it! :-)

In order to have consistent map, we need to agree on some rules as to what is displayed on the map to maintain it’s usefulness. Anyone can propose amendments to those guidelines. Here’s the initial version of those guidelines.

Here’s the categories and their associated symbols and colors:

  • iOS Music App Developers
    • App developers use the ‘mobilephone’ icon example in the dark blue color (#0000FF)
    • The developers must have published or updated an iOS music app in the past two years
    • The pushpin is the location of their headquarters, or the office in charge of developing the iOS music app
    • iOS musical instruments as well as other apps that are obviously related to iOS music creation are allowed
  • iOS Music Hardware Manufacturers
    • Hardware manufacturers use the ‘industrial’ symbol example in the orange color
    • Location of their headquarters or office in charge of the product
    • Must be currently manufacturing and shipping iOS-compatible music hardware
    • Location of distributors is not allowed
  • iOS Music Artists
    • iOS Music Artists use the ‘music’ notes icon example in the green color (#32CD32)
    • Can be a registered music label as long as it is at least 80% devoted to pure iOS music
    • Can be an recognized artist with at least a full album of pure iOS music. By ‘recognized artist’ we mean an artist able to live from his iOS music creation revenues. If you have a better rule to identify which iOS music artists should be on this map, let’s discuss!

You have ideas pertaining to other categories that should be represented on the map? Let us know! The map uses the Maki symbols which can be directly displayed on GitHub. Cheers — Alex / Satri

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