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Animoog Expansion Packs table

New Free Packs: 2,576 Animoog Presets Now Available — Major Update v1.5

When I published version 1.4 of the table of Animoog presets and timbres last May, I wasn’t expecting a new version coming this fast. Rejoice, today I’m announcing 352 new free Animoog presets, and they’re excellent!  This expansion packs table lists third-party presets and timbres that you won’t find anywhere else.

352 new Animoog presets are now available as part of this update. There’s now a total of 2,576 presets and over 4,500 timbres available for Animoog, lots of them free!

Version 1.5 brings presets from two sound designers, ‘analogue, I wish you were’ and Rust(i)k. The table’s page includes the links to download/purchase the presets and timbres. The full changelog is available at the bottom of the expansion packs page. Since the v1.4 announcement, I also published step-by-step instructions to install third-party Animoog presets and timbres.

Animoog Expansion Packs table

analogue I wish you were

Sound designer named ‘analogue I wish you were’ contacted me to share with you not one, but two packs of free Animoog presets. I’ve been playing with them the past few weeks and I can confirm that these are great presets! I’m amazed at the quality of what the sound designers amongst us are able to create for us, the players, to play with!
analogue I wish you were provided a preview for its Retro Futurism pack:

But never stop yourself at a preview, download and install the free presets for you to explore their capabilities. Next is “À la rescousse”, an improvised Animoog solo played live with ‘analogue I wish you were’ preset named ‘PAD ramp pur’ from the ‘Retro Futurism’ presets.

“La vue” is an improvised Animoog solo played live with ‘analogue, I wish you were’ preset named ‘FM PAD – no way back’ from the ‘RPG Fantasy Sounds’ free Animoog presets pack. ‘RPG Fantasy Sounds’ is now one of my favorite pack of presets.

You can get the free presets directly on analogue, I wish you were’s Bandcamp page. That’s also an opportunity for you to support the sound designer with a contribution, he deserves it!


After the nice presets we got from him last May, sound designer Rust(i)k offers us a second pack of free Animoog presets! Nothing less than 169 new and free presets which are, once again, of pretty good quality :-) Rust(i)k informed me that some of the presets’ timbres might be missing and may simply be replaced with Basic Sine.

Click here to download the free presets.

Here’s one of the numerous tracks I recorded with these presets, “Japon turquoise” is an improvised Animoog solo played live with ‘Rust(i)k’ preset named ‘Keys Iluminati’ from the ‘RePrison’ free Animoog presets pack.

Timbre requirements

During an online discussion with another Animoog player, we came to the topic of which timbres are required for a pack of third-party presets to sound as intended. With this information available, an Animoog player can know in advance if he has all the required timbres before downloading and installing a new third-party pack. The table version 1.5 now includes the list of official In-App-Purchase packs you need installed for the third-party presets to sound as designed without any [missing] timbres.

If you’re a sound designer that contributed one of those packs, please contact me to let me know which timbres are required for your presets and I’ll add the info for the next version.

YouTube Channels and an Improvisation

Remember that I provide a list of Animoog-focused YouTube channels?  Here’s an Animoog improvisation played by Subconscience. I’m amazed at the variety of sounds and styles that can be played with Animoog.

Enjoy summertime — Animoog can be played anywhere, like shown on this photo from Lukas Gec (thanks Lucas!).

Animoog Summertime! (thanks to Lukas Gec for the photo)

Big thanks to ‘analogue I wish you were’ and Rust(i)k. Hope you’ll enjoy their presets as much as I do :-) Don’t hesitate to share this announcement with other Animoog players, the intention here is to ensure that as many players as possible are benefiting from those excellent presets! Cheers — Alex / Satri

Animoog Expansion Packs table

1,713 Presets: a Major Update to List of Animoog Expansion Packs

1,713 presets, that’s how many presets sound designers gave us to explore. Thank you. Without you, Animoog wouldn’t be the Animoog I love so much today. As a mean to thank you dear sound designers and to highlight your work, I’m pleased to provide this major update to the List of Animoog Expansion Packs.

What’s new and improved

Version 1.2 brings:

  • Added Alba Ecstasy’s 429 presets bundle
    • I find those presets pretty amazing, however, they don’t fully leverage Animoog’s polypressure by default — you need to go to the ENV/MOD tab and manually configure polypressure (I plan to eventually write documentation describing how to do that)
  • Added Sunsine Audio’s 254 presets bundle
    • As far as I’ve tested so far, Sunsine Audio presets don’t leverage Animoog’s polypressure by default — you need to go to the ENV/MOD tab and manually configure polypressure
  • Added ‘Luftrum 8’ 64 presets
  • Updated the ‘BASE Pack’ info, which is now free and available from the in-app store
  • Updated Airplane Shadow presets, which are now hosted on Animoog Love itself, thanks to Jeremy Lewis
  • Added the number of presets for the Halloween pack
  • Changed & added colors to the table
  • Improved third-party packs installation instructions — yes, it’s much easier with iFunbox than with the official instructions
  • And a few other minor modifications such as: ordered the list in a way that makes more sense, removed the reference to the html and csv versions of the table, and various other minor improvements

Here’s two examples of improvisations done with the Alba Ecstasy presets bundle. Since stereo ping pong is abused, headphones are required.

I need your help. Can someone tell us in the comments below how many presets and timbres there are in the vanilla Animoog? That info is missing from the table. Thanks!

Click on the following image to head to the exhaustive list of expansion packs!

Animoog Expansion Packs table

Wish list and hiatus until August

Unrelated, I also updated the Animoog improvements wish list with a few enhancements and ideas, such as leveraging the iPad’s accelerometer sensor and allowing it to act as a ‘control’ in the ENV/MOD tab, thus enabling vibratos and pitch bending by shaking and turning (changing the orientation of) your iPad

I’ll be away for the upcoming weeks until the end of July. Expect Animoog news upon my return. Meanwhile, enjoy Animoog! — Alex / Satri