Why Animoog requires high end headphones

While watching Suzanne Ciani’s performance with Moog’s System 55 modular synthesizer, I found interesting the way Moog invites listeners to use proper hardware to fully enjoy the experience. Here’s their warning:


While this type of recommendations can make sense for most music genres, to some extent, I do believe high end headphones do make a significant difference when listening to today’s digital instruments which can subtly change the sounds and extensively leverage stereo panning. We can thus claim:

« Due to the expansive frequency content and harmonic complexity of Moog’s Animoog app, studio monitors or high end headphones are required for the proper listening experience »

Do you agree?

For the curious ones and not directly related to Animoog itself, here’s Mme Ciani’s solo with the System 55:

2 thoughts on “Why Animoog requires high end headphones

  1. I would object: if you are making music that can only sound ‘right’ in some very specific conditions – you’re about to be on the roadside. The mix has to be compound to sound well on all types: cans, monitors, earbuds… The bigger audience – the better.

    1. Thanks Sergos! From my point of view, it’s a real and significant limitation that Animoog sounds much better with quality stereo speakers, but the reward of using such quality stereo hardware is worth as far as I’m concerned. It does mean to some extent ‘being on the roadside’. Thanks for your feedback! — Alex / Satri

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