Airplane Shadow Presets Available Again

Thanks to user ‘Jagged Doctrine’ who pointed out in a comment on the expansion packs page that the free presets from Airplane Shadow were not accessible anymore. I contacted Jeremy Lewis, aka Airplane Shadow, and he allowed me to host his free presets right here on for the benefits of all Animoog enthusiasts. You can download the 74 free presets here. Amongst the next steps, I’ll need to update the expansion packs page accordingly… meanwhile, enjoy the presets! Thanks Jeremy :-)

On my recently-released free Animoog solos album, I used one of Airplane Shadow’s presets, named ‘Horizontalist’, here’s the track (best with high-end headphones):

Here’s the 3 original YouTube videos that shows Airplane Shadow’s presets:

2 thoughts on “Airplane Shadow Presets Available Again

  1. I wasn’t able to add these presets via itunes, though in previous versions of animoog it worked.I add everything to animoog documents folder but when start animoog app everything disappears from the folder?
    Any solution?
    Animoog 2.2.3 ios8

    1. Hi Tammski,
      It “should” work. Are you on iOS 8.3? There’s issues with adding new timbres with iOS 8.3 (see blog entry on that topic). If iTunes doesn’t work for you, have you tried iFunBox?

      There are several known issues with restoring purchased presets too. Moog informed users that they’re working on a bug fix release… hopefully this upcoming release will also allow you to use those nice presets from Airplane Shadow. — Alex / Satri

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