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iOS 8.3 Warning: Transferring Presets and Timbres

Thanks to user SZak on the Moog forum, we learned that iOS 8.3, released this week, makes it more difficult to transfer presets and timbres to Animoog.

For the official expansion packs sold within Animoog, restoring purchases works fine. However, for third-party presets and timbres, such as the ones we list on this page, using iTunes for such transfers is cumbersome at best. Solutions included using software such as the our wish list for Animoog.

SZak also reminds us that, strangely, Animoog currently stores presets and timbres in a ‘caches’ folder, which is not backed up during normal iPad backup procedures and now with iOS 8.3, is not as easily accessible as it was.

I’m happy we got recent news from Moog on Animoog development efforts, we can hope such annoying issues will eventually be fixed.

UPDATE 2015-04-24: Good news, according to Tidbits: “iFunBox and iExplorer have been updated to sidestep the new security settings, but with the limitation that they work only with apps that use iTunes File Sharing.” which the case of Animoog. I haven’t tested the new version, but those third-party solutions should work now. UPDATE 2014-04-26: Ah zut, those solutions now work again for presets, but not timbres or anything else such as recorded tracks. I’m back to hoping Animoog will support iCloud Drive or anything similar for moving such files around.

Airplane Shadow Presets Available Again

Thanks to user ‘Jagged Doctrine’ who pointed out in a comment on the expansion packs page that the free presets from Airplane Shadow were not accessible anymore. I contacted Jeremy Lewis, aka Airplane Shadow, and he allowed me to host his free presets right here on for the benefits of all Animoog enthusiasts. You can download the 74 free presets here. Amongst the next steps, I’ll need to update the expansion packs page accordingly… meanwhile, enjoy the presets! Thanks Jeremy :-)

On my recently-released free Animoog solos album, I used one of Airplane Shadow’s presets, named ‘Horizontalist’, here’s the track (best with high-end headphones):

Here’s the 3 original YouTube videos that shows Airplane Shadow’s presets:

Altermoog – 30 New Free Presets for Animoog and Version 1.1 of the List of 3rd-Party Presets

Rejoice! Zen Lizard announced its 30 free presets for Animoog.

« Resonant basses & cutting leads take full advantage of the highly playable keyboard and sound fantastic. Completely free for everyone! »

These great news required me to proceed with the first update to the recently introduced list of Expansion Packs for Animoog, now at version 1.1., where you’ll find plenty other  sources of free presets for our beloved instrument. There were several improvements to the list, including the addition of Moog’s BASE Pack which was missing from the initial release of the table. Thanks to an anonymous user comment , we now have the associated URLs for this BASE Pack.

If you’re aware of other sources of free presets or would like to share corrections, please let me know! Enjoy the new Altermoog presets!