Warning: iOS 8 and Animoog 2.1.1 Incompatibility

Dear Animoog users, here’s an important warning for those who want to keep playing with Animoog while we wait for the upcoming update which should show up in the coming days or weeks.

According to reports on the official Animoog forum, the current version of Animoog, version 2.2.1, is incompatible and can’t be launched under iOS 8, which was released today.

If you want to keep playing Animoog, stick with iOS 7 until further news!

3 thoughts on “Warning: iOS 8 and Animoog 2.1.1 Incompatibility

  1. I can confirm I have same issue as reported on Animoog forum with v2.2.1 crashing on launch with IOS8.

    1. We need to wait for about two weeks according to the latest feedback from a Moog rep on the official Moog forum (link above).

      Then we’ll have a fresh Animoog that works with iOS 8 :-)

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