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Update to the Animoog Wish List

Thanks to the feedback provided on the official Animoog forum and the addition of some important items I forgot for the initial publication of the page, the Animoog improvements wish list is now significantly improved! Additions include:

  • A new section on transferring and the syncing of tracks, presets and timbres, copied below
  • In-app tutorials
  • Animoog for Android
  • and a few other minor enhancements and wishes

Here’s the whole new section we added as part of this update:

Presets and tracks transfer and sync

  • Getting data in and out Animoog could be much easier and straightforward, especially for (A) 4-track projects, and (B) user-saved presets and timbres
  • For tracks, we can use ‘AudioCopy’ to move to Garageband and then export away, or use Audiobus to export to yet another app. For copying presets out, we currently have to rely on iFunBox. In both cases, it requires lots of manipulations and third-party software
  • What about a simple ‘Send by email’ feature for tracks? That would be a great start
  • Tracks and user-saved presets could also be synced in and out via DropBox, ownCloud or a similar file syncing services, that would really be easy to use and immensely useful
  • Moog could be rightfully worried that paid-for presets and timbres could be shared amongst users if they becomes easy to share them. I suggest the following solution; let Animoog users share the presets they modified and are proud of, let them build a sense of community around sharing user-modified presets and timbres, but in order to avoid the piracy of presets sold as in-app purchases, make it a requirement that in order to use a preset coming from another user, someone has to have bought, if applicable, the original preset on which the shared preset is based on. Technically, Animoog simply needs to validate that the preset the user is loading is based on a preset that the user already has rights to, if not, let the user know that it needs to buy the original preset in order to use the modified preset
  • Tracks could be pushed to SoundCloud directly, but this is of lower priority in my opinion

Here’s the Animoog improvements wish list for you to see its latest shiny version. Don’t hesitate to share your feedback and own wishes, I’ll gladly update the page accordingly.

Sincere regards — Alex for Animoog.org

Animoog Configuration

Announcing the Animoog Improvements Wish List

It’s my pleasure to provide an initial version of the Animoog improvements wish list.

The two main items in there to start with, detailed in the associated page:

  • A Sequencer for Animoog – to record and easily modify, in an easy to use user interface, played notes, the subtle changes to poly-pressure, x/y pad changes and ideally anything players usually modify while playing Animoog
  • Saving session states – to be able to save session’s states, which would include the selected preset, x/y pad location, keys and scale settings, and essentially any settings your can set via Animoog’s interface

Everyone is welcome to share ideas, thoughts and comments directly over the wish list page.