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VCS3-like Custom Animoog Controller

There’s no doubt how passionate Animoog players can be! Len Burge built a wonderful custom Animoog controller and told us about it in a comment on this very site. Here’s what it looks and sounds like!

The description that comes with it goes like this:

« This is the Animoog controller. Like the iVCS3 controller it is a custom controller for iPad mini app “Animoog” with a custom Animoog template that lays over original iVCS3 graphics. Front panel-keyboard is a customized Arturia minilab. The 30 knobs on upper panel controlled by livid instruments brain V2. 3 ten-turn potentiometers now controlling Animoog’s Attack. Joystick modular provided by Doepfer. For construction pics please visit www.lenburge.com »

There’s plenty of construction pictures on Len’s website! Here are the references to not the first time we mention custom Animoog controllers, it was actually one of our first posts in June 2014, if you have an interest in those, you might also for alternative MIDI controllers that are not dedicated to Animoog but inspiring nonetheless!

Thank you for your patience Len! He contacted me in mid-December it’s only today I’m able to follow up! Expect a lot more in the coming weeks, including an update to the list of third-party expansion packs with new packs of free presets from readers of Animoog.org, and yes, they’re good! :-) Cheers — Alex / Satri

Anicontrol and a Custom Animoog Controller


Anicontrol Animoog controller

I’ve known about Anicontrol since March, but this latest post on Discchord showing another custom Animoog controller makes me share their existences with you!

The Synth-Project offers a page on Anicontrol, pictured above, an Animoog controller with the iPad inside. From their description:  “It’s specially designed for Moog’s iOS app. And works as a stand alone synth. The front panel is tiltable, like a Minimoog or Voyage. The controller has a 3 octave keyboard, pitch & modwheel […] there are two knobs for the X and Y pad of Animoog. The main front panel has 31 knobs and 5 switches to control the most important parameters of the Animoog app.”

The second similar project is Vladimir Kolomiets’ Animoog Midi Controller shown in the video below.

I admit I am personally fond of using Animoog directly on the iPad. I tried a few times playing Animoog with a midi keyboard, and I dramatically miss the capability to slide fingers in any direction to modulate Animoog sounds. I guess I’d need a giant touchpad-like controller to fully leverage what I like from Animoog’s expressive capabilities.

That said, I’m not representative myself of Animoog players, and clearly there’s capable people putting lots of Love in building their own Animoog controllers. There’s plenty different ways of enjoying Animoog!