Animoog 2.2.5 and Animoog for iPhone 1.2.4 Released

Dear Animoog players, here’s about the latest Animoog updates.

But first I apologize to have not posted about it right after the updates, as an Animoog beta tester, my version doesn’t update when the actual Animoog gets updated. I have configured a tool to ensure I don’t miss the upcoming updates. While I’ve been publishing here all Animoog updates so far, what do you think if I only publish blog entries only when updates bring significant changes to the way we interact with the app? If you think I should post about minor Animoog updates as well, please let me know in the comments below.

Personally, I’m excited by minor updates. Of course, I’m eager for new features, but minor updates perfectly demonstrate that the app is being taken care of and that developper love is being sent towards it. Here’s the changes for the last two versions we haven’t mentioned here.

Animoog 2.2.5. March 11th:

  • Stability improvements
  • Updated AudioCopy library
  • Updated AudioShare SDK

Animoog for iPhone 1.2.4, February 4th:

  • Program change messages now work on all MIDI channels
  • Animoog now reacts to sample rate changes from IAA hosts or Audiobus
  • Stability improvements for when background audio is turned off

I haven’t found the log of what’s changed for Animoog 2.2.4 and Animoog for iPhone 1.2.3. If you know where to find it, please let me know in a comment. Since Moog appears to follow the semantic versioning principles, I suspect those versions essentially contain minor modifications such as bug fixes and updates to the latest third-party libraries (e.g. Audiobus, AudioShare).

I hope to share news of the upcoming free presets from sound designers ‘Subconscience‘ and ‘Sound of Izrael‘ within the coming weeks. They’re excellent presets! More soon :-) — Alex / Satri


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