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YouTube Videos about Animoog Music and Tutorials

I started to populate YouTube playlists with the intended benefit of providing an extensive list of videos to help us learn more about playing Animoog and increase our fun with it.  The playlists I created and populated so far the the following ones:

If you found other videos that should be included in these playlists, let me know and I’ll be glad to add them! If you think we should maintain another complementary Playlist, let us know! :-)

Here’s what videos currently in those lists look like.

Animoog tutorials

There has been a surge of Animoog tutorial videos when the app came out but few recent ones as far as I could find. That said, do not miss watching those ‘old’ videos! They have been instrumental to my understanding of how Animoog works and how to exploit its features in order to have even more fun playing it.

One of those examples is the following video, an amazing live Animoog performance by Argon Vancouver in which layers of Animoog are added one after the other, along with additions from other apps. In the long intro, Argon Vancouver provides the details to help you create your own Animoog tracks with such beats and loops.

Head to the on understanding Animoog sound design.

Animoog Solo Performances

Don’t worry, I won’t annoy you further with my own Animoog solo performances on YouTube ;-) Here’s a nice Animoog solo performance from keksautomat which includes looping.


It’s great to see the variety of ways Animoog can be leveraged to play music. The next video below is  alternatives controllers that players can experiment with and this is an excellent example.

Head to the ‘Animoog solos performances’ playlist to watch the other videos I found so far in that category.

Music with Animoog performances

Many Animoog musicians within the community are playing Animoog along with other instruments. In the following video we get two Animoog players playing together, along with a few other instruments, including Improvox, an app to sing in tune for those amongst us who aren’t Pavarottis.

Another example of Animoog’s flexibility is the following example in which Animoog is played from a MIDI Guitar along with the ToneStack app.


Head to the ‘Music with Animoog performances’ playlist to find out which other examples I found so far.

Animoog with other apps

Animoog is great in itself, and you juxtapose it to other music creation apps, you can play wonderful things! Watching how others leverage Animoog clearly inspired me to try some new combinations myself. Here’s a nice example of Animoog and the moodscaper app, currently in beta. Developer Rob Jackson informed us that moodscaper is itself using heavily-processed Animoog timbres.

You might also want to see Rob playing Animoog with Borderlands Granular. Head to the ‘Animoog with other apps’ playlist to get to the entire current list of videos where we see Animoog with other apps.

What about the other Animoog videos?

Think I should create a new and share a new Animoog playlist? Let me know about your suggestions :-) Don’t forget to watch the ones directly coming from Moog Music. One of such Animoog videos from Moog is the funny announcement of the ‘Biomimetically Augmented Synthesis Expansion’, also known as the ‘B.A.S.E.’ expansion pack, presented by Jordan Rudess of Dream Theater and iOS music app developer.

Making its way to my first free album of Animoog solos, a track named ‘Brutal awakening’ was somewhat successful at leveraging the ‘Heartburn Lead’ preset from the BASE pack. The BASE pack has brutal sounds, and in this case it resulted in a brutal solo!

More to come!

I plan to maintain these playlists up to date when new Animoog videos are posted online. If I miss any, let me know :-) I have to thank Animoog enthusiast Tiziano, who suggested me to pull together those playlists. You’ll hear again from Tiziano soon since I hope to update the list of third-party presets: there’s two new excellent free Animoog presets packs and he is one of the sound designers freely sharing his presets with the community of Animoog players. Cheers — Alex / Satri