Playing multiple presets on a single Animoog

Another ‘important’ potential improvement for Animoog I forgot to include in the improvements wish list. It’s there now.

The new content:

[…] with two rows of keyboard input, playing two different Animoog presets on the same screen becomes possible. When Animoog was launched, iPads and iPhones were far from delivering as much performance as today (over 5x increase between the iPad 2 and iPad Air). Yes, such a feature would have impact of many other aspects of the app (such as midi messages, 4-tracks recording, two xy pads?, etc), but at the same time, would bring Animoog to another level of blissfulness

I’m excited by this possibility of playing two Animoog presets at the same time (on a single iPad)… that would dramatically extend Animoog’s expressiveness capabilities. Do you agree?

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