‘I Dream of Wires’ Documentary, Animoog’s Origins

In a nutshell, if you’d like to understand where Animoog comes from, from the very beginning of sound synthesis and modular synthesizers up to now, I strongly encourage you to watch the ‘I dream of wires’ documentary.

When I discovered and fell in love with Animoog, I knew very little of electronic music — its origins and history. While I’ve been slowly learning, I watched ‘I dream of wires’ over the weekend and not only numerous pieces of the puzzle found their place, but I learned much in this information-packed documentary.

While the documentary focuses on the modular synthesizer, I consider it really helps understanding where Animoog comes from — its sound design capabilities and even its user interface. Animoog is even shown for a second or two in the documentary itself, the only app to make an appearance.

This documentary was also inspiring to me at multiple levels. I hope it will do the same to you. Here’s the trailer. Enjoy! — Alex / Satri

3 thoughts on “‘I Dream of Wires’ Documentary, Animoog’s Origins

  1. Where Animoog comes from?

    Maybe but I would like to know more and perhaps you are the one to find out.

    Where did Moog come up with the idea of something so radically different than their usual products. This is “digital” to the extreme, despite its sometimes “analog” samples base. Who were the developers of the software? What are their histories?What inspired them to create Animoog? Where is it going from here? I have many more questions about a surprising synth I absolutely love.

    1. Excellent question BFT! I have no idea… yet! If/when I find out, I’ll post about it on animoog.org for sure. I knew one of the past developers of Animoog and know the current one, that said, I know close to nothing about its inception and early days of development. Cheers — Alex / Satri

      1. I would very much appreciate it. Animoog’s radical discontinuity rather than its continuity with Moog’s illustrious past seems to be the important story to tell. I can see and understand the progression to a Sub 37 or Mother but Animoog? What a delightful surprise! In a sense, we know the “mother,” but who was the “father?”

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